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How to Use a Guitar Capo

Learn how to use a guitar capo with this Howcast video.


This is a capo here. You're going to want one early on. It's great for raising the key of a song so that maybe if you have a higher voice and you want to sing it in a new key. That's normal, right? And then, you'll see the difference right away with the guitar with the capo on. See, that's much higher.

Sometimes you want to learn a song and it's too hard. You could use the capo to use chords that you know to play a song that's in a different key.

There's many types of capos that you could buy. This is a pretty standard one, $15 or $17 at the store, but it's very easy to use, it's like a clothes pin, you know. You just put that like that, you clamp it on. Easy, right? Then I have another one here, this one is a little more complicated, but this works just as well. This is also about $15 or $17 at the store, and this one's got a little clamp to it. You know, so you set that on the string and then, if you could see back here, there's sort of a little pressurized clamp. Then you just take it off like that.

Then there's the kind like this. This is the kind I use, it's like $6 at the store. So it's a little tricky to figure out at first. It's got this little, little device there to make that happen, but that works great. It's nice and cheap, six bucks.

And then, this is very cheap. This is $2 at the store. In fact, I buy a whole bunch of these to give away to my students. This has got like a sort of elastic material on it, you know. And so you put this on the guitar like this and you have to wrap this end over the top and stick it on one of these holes. There's several holes to keep the tension on. And that's it! And you take it off.

So that's a capo. And you can use that for raising the pitch of the guitar so you can, it maybe matches your voice a little better. And also for using the chords that you know to play a song in a different key.

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