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How to Play Blues Scale Pattern #1 on Guitar

Learn how to play blues scale pattern #1 in this Howcast video.


Okay, so pentatonic pattern number one. We can embellish it some more. This time we'll make it into a little bit of a bluesy scale or a blues scale. All that requires is one extra note.

One, four, one, two, three. One, three, one, three, four. One, four, one, four.

All right? So, let's try that again.

We have one, four, one, two, three, right? So, that's different right there, that extra note, right?

Then we have one, three, that's the same. Here's a little bit different. One, three, four, you can already sense that, it's a little different there, right?

And then the rest is the same. One, four, one, four. So the whole scale is.

And there you go. That's the pentatonic pattern number one, with a blues scale over the top of it.

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