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How to Play an A7 Open Chord on Guitar

Learn how to play an A7 open chord in this Howcast video.


Okay so let's talk about the 7th chords. 7th chords, sometimes they're called dominant 7th chords, are chords that draw you to another chord. So for instance, here's A7, and A7's whole job is to try to get to D, right? So, uh, let's learn how to make A7, right? Here's your first finger, it's gonna go on the 4th string, 2nd fret. And then your 2nd finger is gonna go on the 2nd string, 2nd fret. And that's it, that's A7. I'm gonna strum from the 5th string down. It's very similar to A but, but with one taken away.

Now there is another way to make A7 and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna press down on more than one string at a time with just my first finger. So I'm gonna take my first finger and I'm gonna put it across the 2nd fret here. So I'm holding down the 4th string at the 2nd fret, the 3rd string at the 2nd fret, and also the 2nd string at the 2nd fret. And then I'm just gonna add my 2nd finger to the 1st string, 3rd fret. That's also A7. Sounds a little different and the same thing here, I'm trying to just strum from the 5th string down. Right, so here's the first A7, and here's another A7. So a lot of tension, you know, trying to, trying to get you to the next chord which in this case would be D. And that's how you play A7.

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