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How to Fingerpick on Guitar

Learn about fingerpicking in this Howcast video for beginner guitar players.


Ok, so let's talk about fingerpicking. This is a big big topic in guitar world. There's many guitarists that only fingerpick and they can get do a pretty amazing thing with just fingerpicking. But so, were are just gonna introduce a little bit of the ideas here, and so obviously you don't need a pick right. We are just gonna use our fingers. To, play separate notes for each chord to get some kind of rhythm's or some interesting ideas, right. So i am just using the same chords that we have been using G,E minor C and D, but now let's try to do something fancy with our fingerpicking right, i am gonna play rythm of pattern right 'm goin, dha dha dha dha, dha dha. Now how do i thing of that well, i am trying to copy the strum that i did. The first strum which was, PA, PA PA PA PA, PA, PA PA PA PA. So i can copy that exactly or you know i could change it little bit to get the same accents DHA DHA DHA DHAA, DHA DHA, DHA DHA DHA DHAA, DHA DHA, alright, that's all i am doing. Now i am gonna make G chord here right and so, my pattern is gonna be the six string with my thumb, then i am gonna use my index finger, to play the third string.Then i am gonna use my middle finger to play the second string and then, i am gonna use my ring finger to play the first string, alright. So i am going DHA DHA DHA DHA, DHA DHA right.Thumb, index, middle, ring, middle, index, right. And we could try with E minor the same exact pattern. Right, how about with C, now the thing with C is, i have to change the pattern of it a little bit right. I am just bringing my thumb down to the fifth string that's where C is, that's why i am doing that, right. So C is in on the fifth string up the six, so, that's why i have to do there. The rest are the same right, and then for D same thing i have to move my thumb. Because now D, the note D is on the forth string, but everything else stays the same, right, so if i put it all together what do i have. I have G right, remember our rhythm, then i am going to E minor. Then C, then D, so one more time we have G, E minor, C, D. So that's how you get started with fingerpicking.

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