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How to Play a C7 Open Chord on Guitar

Learn how to play a C7 open chord in this Howcast video.


C7 looks a lot like C so, in fact, let’s put C down, right? Here's your first finger on the second string, first fret. And then your second finger is gonna go on the fourth string, second fret. And then your third finger is gonna go on the fifth string, third fret. So that's C, right? And in order for us to make it C7, I'm also gonna use my pinky. And I'm gonna put that on the third string, third fret. So it's very tight in there. And here it is C7, and again I have to be careful, I'm only trying to hit the last five strings. And C7, its whole job in life is to get to F. C7 to F. That's it. That's how you make C7.

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