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Electric Guitar Controls

Learn about electric guitar controls and how they work in this Howcast video.


Okay, so this is an electric guitar, a little different than an acoustic guitar. Obviously you recognize all the pieces that the acoustic has, right? But uh, this time we have electronics. We have these things, these here are called pick-ups. What they do is they pick up the vibration of the string, turning it into electricity. Here's my cable that goes into an amplifier. Here I have some controls over that. I have, this is called a pick up selector, this piece here. And what that does is it turns on one of these pick-ups, or both. So in this first position here, just this pick-up is on, and that sounds kind of moody, right? A little, little darker sounding. And then in the middle position I have both of them on so it's starting to sound a little brighter. Right? And then uh, this particular guitar has only three positions, some have five. But uh, let's say the last position is just this one on and it sounds really, really bright. Right? This knob here is for volume. This is a tone knob so it's sort of like your base and treble on your home stereo. That's it, those are the parts of the guitar.

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