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How to Play a G Major 7 Barre Chord on Guitar

Learn how to play barre chords in G Major 7 in this guitar lesson from Howcast.


G major 7 you can play as an open chords but what we were doing here is talking about barre chords so it's the same concept as before. We going to take the E major 7 shape a just that so I have my first finger free in order to barre and in this case I'm going to move it to the 3rd fret that's where G is, so I have G and here is my major 7 shape, so G major 7 as a barre code. And then what we can also do is A form of that right, the A style so I'm taking my A major 7 shape right I'm just adjusting that so my first finger is free and then I'm going to move that all the way up to 10th fret that's where G is for the A style. And so what do I have, I have G and the major 7 shape. G major 7 as the barre code.

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