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How to Play a C Minor 7 Barre Chord on Guitar

Learn how to play barre chords in C Minor 7 in this guitar lesson from video from Howcast.


"All right, now we're up to C minor 7. So we're going to take an E minor 7 shape, we're just going to juggle our fingers around a little bit so I have my first finger free to make the barre. And in this case I'm going to move it all the way up here to the eighth fret. So my barre is at the eighth fret, I have what looks like an E minor 7 chord, but now we turned it into C minor 7.

Then we can also do that with an A minor shape. All right, so here's A minor 7 - just switching it around so I have my first finger free. And I'm just going to move it right on up to C, here at the third fret. So this is C minor 7 as a barre chord."

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