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How to Tune a Guitar Using a Piano

Learn how to tune a guitar using a piano in this Howcast video.


This is how you will tune a guitar if you have a piano in the house right. The note that you might ask for or you might play on the piano is note E right, this is that string here so lets here that note. Lets tune to that note right, and then from there its just like we covered before its just relative tuning expect even better because, now I know that I'm definitely tuning right. So I'm going to go to the 5th fret to that one then I'm going to do the same thing for the 4th string that not was too bad let me go to the 3rd string make sure that's there and this one have to careful right, I could tune on the 4th fret 4 that's pretty good right and then finally the last one let me give that one a little turn and then we should be good lets check. That's how you tune with a piano.

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