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How to Play an F Minor 7 Barre Chord on Guitar

Learn how to play barre chords in F Minor 7 in this guitar lesson from Howcast.


F minus 7 is a bar code we are going to use the same tools that we used before. We going to take E minor 7 had to flip that around a bit, so I have my first finger little more comfortable and just I'm going to move that 1 fret to the 1st fret. So here is F and here is my minor 7 string. Now I have the F minor 7 then I can do the same thing with the A minor 7 the form of it, right. I'm going to switch that around so I have my first finger free and I'm going to move that all the way up to the 8th fret so my bars at the 8th I have a A minor 7 form here but we turned this cord into F minor 7 that's the barre chord.

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