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How to Tune a Guitar Using a Pitch Pipe

Learn how to tune a guitar using a pitch pipe in this Howcast video.


Okay, let's talk about using a pitch pipe. This is a pitch pipe here, and you can buy this at your local music store. It’s like a little harmonica, and it gives you the exact notes for your strings on the guitar - and they're labeled. So here's E-6. That's going to correspond with the 6 string. So I’m going to blow into that note, and then I'm going to use that "hmmm" to match that. Let me just check - so I’ll do it again. Pretty good. And then I can go to the next string, my 5th string, which is A, and I’ll go ahead and blow into that one. So that should be the 5th string. And then I’m going move right along to the 4th, that's the D string. Pretty good. Okay, then I'm going to go ahead and move to the 3rd string G, blow into that one. And moving along, I go to the 2nd one, B. And then finally I'm going to move to my first string E - blow into that one. So this is great. This is a pitch pipe - it's maybe a couple of dollars at the music store and it's labeled and it's very easy to use. And let's see, so we're in tune right here, so here's G chord. Perfect. So that's how you might use a pitch pipe to tune your guitar.

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