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How to Lead from 1 Chord to Next on Guitar with Bass Notes

Learn how to lead from one chord to the next with bass notes, a basic playing technique, in this Howcast video.


Alright, so, we're talking about now how to get between the chords, right. You've figured out all the strums. You can play it without stopping, but now lets figure out fancy ways to get between chords. And one of the first things I ever heard on a recording was this. And I thougt, boy, that's just amazing, right. I need to be able to do that. So I figured it out. All it is is the sixth string open, then the sixth string, second fret, and then G chord, right. So, O to G. So, I thought, wow, that sounds so beautiful. How can I do that in time,right. Okay, so here's D lets say. So, I'm using my first strum that we did, right. Down, down, up, down, down and just cutting off the end a little bit so I have time to get that in there. So, I'm going down, down, up, up O to G. Alright, a little slower. I'm going down, down, up, up O to G. Now, of course, you can do this to every strum. Lets just stay with this one for right now, alright. So, I'm going G, E minor, C, D, and now here it comes, right, down, down, up, up, O to G. So you see how nice that could be, right. Now G isn't the only one you can do that to. You can do it to every chord. So, how about we try for E minor. Now E minor is the same thing for G. You could do O to E minor. That sounds nice, right. For C we're going to do the same thing, but this time on the fifth string. So, I'm going O to C, right, O to C. And I could do the same thing to D, but this time I'm going to use the fourth string. O to D. So, lets just recap that. We have O to G, then for E minor, O to E minor. Then C major. This time we're going to use the fifth string, right. O to C. Then D major we're going to use the fourth string. By the way, there's a million other ways of doing this. This is just one way of doing it. So, here we go. I'm going to play the whole thing now. So, we have G to E minor, O to E minor. Now, we're going to go to C so we go O to C, then D, and then G. So, that's a fun way to get between chords using base notes.

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