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How to Use the KODAK Picture Kiosk to Share Your Story

Some of life's most memorable moments happen unexpectedly. At the KODAK Picture Kiosk, sharing them is fast, fun, and so, so easy.


  • Step 1: Check out a KODAK Picture Kiosk Got an image that you just have to share? Bring it to a KODAK Picture Kiosk; they're located in stores you're probably shopping in already. You'll be amazed at what you can create with your pictures, and how fast and easy it is.
  • TIP: Find a KODAK Picture Kiosk near you using the Picture Kiosk Locator at "":
  • Step 2: Use pictures from anywhere Don't worry if you don't have your camera or favorite photos with you; you can connect to Facebook, KODAK Gallery, and Picasa Web Albums, or upload photos from a Bluetooth-enabled phone. You can also access photos and video clips from your digital camera with a USB cord, memory card, flash drive, or picture CD, or scan in existing photo prints.
  • Step 3: Create a photo book Create a photo book for yourself or someone you love; the Kodak Picture Kiosk helps you whip one up in minutes, with plenty of creative themes and layouts. Just drop your photos in, and the kiosk does the rest.
  • TIP: The Video Snapshots feature lets you easily pull pictures from video taken with your digital still or video camera.
  • Step 4: Make loved ones look their best Take advantage of the kiosk's facial retouch feature: it automatically smoothes skin tone and removes or reduces blemishes and wrinkles in just seconds. Friends and family will really love their KODAK moment if you make them look good!
  • TIP: Make pets look better, too: The Pet Eye Retouch feature removes glare from your pet's eyes.
  • Step 5: Send greetings! Create a photo collage or greeting card in less time than it takes to browse the card aisle. Express yourself with announcements, invitations, thank you notes, and calendars. You can even give your favorite photos a soundtrack with the easy to create KODAK Picture Movie DVD.
  • Step 6: Make and share more KODAK Moments With Kodak, you don't have to wait for a special occasion to share your photos. The KODAK Picture Kiosk automatically transforms even everyday photos into KODAK moments to be shared immediately and cherished for a lifetime.
  • FACT: There are approximately 100,000 KODAK Picture Kiosks installed worldwide.

You Will Need

  • Photos
  • KODAK Picture Kiosk
  • Digital video (optional)

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