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How to Juice Up Your Online Dating Profile

Things a little quiet on the dating front? Maybe you're looking for love with all the wrong adverbs. Take a little time to soup up your profile and those dates will start a'rolling in.


  • Step 1: Choose username Choose a username that references a film, song, or movie star. One survey found that they get the most hits. The biggest turnoff? Usernames that brag about body parts.
  • Step 2: Use clever headline Come up with a clever headline. 'Real Life Romeo Ready to Woo-Woo His Juliet' is more eye-catching than 'Relationship Wanted.'
  • Step 3: Choose hobbies Carefully choose which hobbies to include in your profile—and which to leave out.
  • Step 4: List desirable professions If you’re a guy and a doctor, lawyer, soldier, or firefighter, say so—women find those professions very 'desirable.'
  • TIP: If you’re a woman, don’t be afraid to mention that you’re still in school—whether it’s for cosmology or cosmetology—men like 'students.'
  • Step 5: Fudge a little Fudge a little. Men who admit they’re just looking for a casual relationship get far fewer responses, while women who claim the same thing actually get more. We’re just saying.
  • Step 6: Describe body if nice If can get away with it, describe yourself as 'chiseled' or 'toned'—research shows you’ll get more responses than if you use the words 'stocky' or 'voluptuous.'
  • TIP: Take physical descriptions with a grain of salt. Studies show that most men lie about their height, and most women lie about their weight.
  • Step 7: State salary if large Guys, if you make a lot of money, say so. It can make up for a lot of shortcomings, if you catch our drift.
  • Step 8: Be creative with likes & dislikes Be specific and creative about your likes and dislikes. Who doesn’t love traveling and going to restaurants?
  • Step 9: Choose a flattering photo Last but not least, choose a flattering photo of yourself to accompany your profile. But make sure it’s current; dated photographs are dishonest, and dishonesty is an automatic turnoff.
  • FACT: One survey found that 30% of people registered with online dating sites were already married!

You Will Need

  • Time to think
  • A little creativity
  • A good picture of yourself

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