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How to Give Boss's Day Gifts

National Boss's Day, every October 16th, is a reminder that to get respect, it helps to give it. Make your boss's day memorable and build office comradery -- all while getting a few moments of fun.


  • Step 1: Throw a party Throw a potluck party with your coworkers and have someone bring the boss's favorite dessert, or homemade cookies.
  • Step 2: Give The Office Give a bobble head, t-shirt, or DVDs from the TV hit The Office, ideal for the occasion.
  • TIP: Check with HR about the company's gift policy to make sure your plans conform.
  • Step 3: Surprise with accessories Surprise the boss with desktop accessories, like a puzzle cube, a paperweight, a novelty pen, an electronic diary, a leather desktop catchall, or colorful stress balls. Look into a customized coffee mug with goofy sayings.
  • TIP: Remember to honor the boss out of genuine regard rather than hoping to gain points, or you may be disappointed.
  • Step 4: Drop off jokes Drop a load of boss jokes on your boss's desk anonymously to start the day with a laugh. Make sure to choose at least a few that feature a boss who comes out as a funny part of the joke, rather than the butt of it.
  • Step 5: Chip in on tickets Chip in with your coworkers and buy tickets to your boss's favorite team's game, a musical, or a theater event, or go in on a book, CD or DVD based on what you've picked up over the year about their personal tastes.
  • Step 6: Send flowers Send a bouquet with a card with sincere appreciations expressed individually from everyone in the office.
  • FACT: Patricia Bays Haroski registered National Boss Day with the Chamber of Commerce in 1958 to honor her boss -- her father.

You Will Need

  • Party
  • Coworkers
  • Gifts
  • Jokes
  • Flowers

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