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How to Use the Apple TV Remote

Apple TV comes with a remote that helps you navigate all of the features. Check out some tips for using this handy accessory.


  • Step 1: Learn the basics Learn the Apple TV remote's basic functions. Press Up, Down, Left, or Right to navigate through menu options. Use the circle inside to select an option, and the Menu button to return to a previous menu or screen.
  • TIP: Older Apple TV remote models have a single button for Play, Pause, and Select.
  • Step 2: Navigate through videos Use the Apple TV remote while watching video. Press the Play/Pause button to start and stop viewing. Hold down the Right button to fast-forward and the Left button to rewind; press again to increase the speed.
  • Step 3: Learn additional functions To watch or rewind a video in slow-motion, pause the video, then hold down the Right or Left button. To skip 10 seconds ahead or backwards, pause and then press the Right or Left button.
  • TIP: Press the Down button, then Right or Left to skip through chapters of a movie or show.
  • Step 4: Listen up The remote also works when playing audio through Apple TV. Play, pause, fast-forward and rewind tracks using the same buttons as you would for movies. Press the Right button to skip to the next track and the Left button to restart the track; press Left twice to skip all the way to the previous track.
  • Step 5: Replace the battery If a picture of a remote and a warning symbol appears on the screen, change the remote's battery. Turn the control over and insert a paper clip or coin into the battery cover's slot. Rotate counterclockwise to open the cover and replace the battery. Then, reseal the compartment and get back to using your remote.
  • FACT: The first TV remote control was marketed as the "Lazy Bones," and was attached to the set by a long cord.

You Will Need

  • Apple TV remote
  • Small
  • blunt object
  • Replacement battery

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