How to Send a Ringtone to Your Phone

Don't pay for new ringtones. Simply e-mail them to your phone for free.

You will need

  • Cellphone
  • Internet access

Step 1 Download ringtone Download a free ringtone from the internet or use a snippet of a song or audio file already saved on your computer.

Step 2 Establish e-mail address Establish your cellphone’s MMS e-mail address, which is your ten digit phone number, including area code, followed by the MMS extension of your cellphone carrier.

Step 3 Compose message Compose a message from your e-mail account and address it to your cellphone’s MMS e-mail address.

Step 4 Attach ringtone Browse your computer for the ringtone, which should be located in iTunes or your other audio, sound, or music files. Attach it to the e-mail and send it to your phone.

Step 5 Open text Open the message once it reaches your phone. Select Options from your phone’s menu and opt to save the file as a ringtone or, if that choice is not available, save as an audio or sound file. You can then save it as a ringtone. Then enjoy the dulcet tones emanating from your cell.