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How to Blow Off Steam

Before your bottled-up anger causes your health to nosedive, find some healthy outlets for all that rage and save your heart and your friends from your fury at the same time.


  • Step 1: Take a hike Take a hike, a brisk walk, or a bike ride. A little exercise can dramatically reduce stress and anxiety associated with anger while simultaneously boosting the feel-good hormone, serotonin.
  • TIP: Express your anger in a healthy way by taking it out on a punching bag at your local gym.
  • Step 2: Pick up a hobby Pick up a hobby, like painting, gardening, or yoga, to calm your nerves and focus your anger into something constructive.
  • Step 3: Grab a pen and paper Grab a pen and paper to blow off steam with words instead of actions, or turn your rage towards more creative aspirations, such as a short story.
  • Step 4: Talk it out Talk it out with the person you are angry at, just don't place blame on anyone. Instead, use the the pronoun "I", as in, "I am upset when this happens."
  • TIP: If the person isn't around, talk to a good friend to vent your frustration or take it out on an inanimate object.
  • Step 5: Don't depend on drugs Don't depend on drinking or drugs to help you relieve pressure. If you've developed a dependency, seek help.
  • Step 6: Seek professional help Seek professional help if you're unable to control your anger in a public setting, or if you get visibly angry more than a few times a day. You can learn to blow off steam without hurting yourself or anyone else.
  • FACT: A 2009 study found that men who bottled up their anger were two to five times more likely to suffer a major heart attack or die from heart disease than those who expressed their anger.

You Will Need

  • Exercise
  • Hobby
  • Good friend
  • Professional help

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