How to Be the Best Leader

The best leaders are a special breed because they know themselves, their role, their direction, and their purpose. Review the various ways to build your strengths and raise your profile.

You will need

  • Courage
  • Priorities
  • Humor
  • Vision
  • Team
  • Flexibility
  • Delegation skills

Step 1 Show courage Pursue a constructive course of action in spite of criticism. Demonstrate moral courage in your business. The buck stops at your desk, so you have to be strong.

Step 2 Exercise judgment Exercise good judgment through your willingness to think deeply about life’s reversals and peoples’ needs, and to incorporate this sensitivity when formulating plans.

Step 3 Prioritize Prioritize issues and plot a course. Carefully allocate your time so that your mind is clear and your energies are focused.

Step 4 Keep humor Maintain a sense of humor, a key element for the best leaders. Everyone needs to be cool under pressure — the troops will trust your example and follow suit.

Step 5 Create the vision Create and communicate a vision for your team. Paint a picture with words so that your vision becomes clear to everyone. Your job is to see over the mountain and beyond tomorrow.

Step 6 Build a team Build a management team that exhibits a desire to succeed, which is a fire you must light through your inspiring focus.

Step 7 Move and adjust Decide and move on objectives without rigidity, flexing when the market or unforeseen circumstances demand an adjustment. Be thoughtful, not obsessive or egotistic.

Step 8 Spread the load Delegate authority to others — to involve the team and to spread the load.

Step 9 Count on character Accept your limitations. Be a judicious leader. Be aware of your power — and the best leader because you don’t abuse it.