How to Send a JPEG File

Share photos and artwork with family and friends. You can easily send a JPEG file as an e-mail attachment or as a link to a recipient's computer or cell phone.

You will need

  • Photo editing software
  • MMS domain
  • Photo sharing service account

Step 1 Reduce the JPEG size Reduce the JPEG size with photo-editing software or with automatic resizing features in Windows or Microsoft Outlook.

Step 2 Get the recipient's e-mail address Get the recipient’s e-mail address to send a JPEG to a computer, or the recipient’s phone number and multimedia messaging (MMS) domain.

Step 3 Send the JPEG as an attachment Send the JPEG as an attachment for e-mail recipients. Click the attachment button on your e-mail program. Then locate the JPEG on your computer and click OK.

Step 4 Copy and paste the JPEG into email Right-click and copy a JPEG from your computer or the web. Paste the image into the e-mail message body and send it to a recipient’s e-mail or phone MMS.

Step 5 Create a photo sharing service account Create an account with an online photo sharing service. Post your JPEGs online and send image links to e-mail and cell phone recipients. Now you can electronically spread your pictures all over the place.