How to Achieve Success at Work

Challenge yourself to find more ways to grow on the job and achieve success.

You will need

  • Initiative
  • Motivation
  • Good example
  • Network
  • Belief in yourself

Step 1 Show up on time Show up on time, ready to work and ready to get things done. Punctuality will be noticed and result in advancement, eventually.

Step 2 Fight boredom Volunteer for new projects to stave off boredom and for the opportunity to learn new skills. If your job has become a rote exercise, take some initiative and get excited about something else.

Step 3 Motivate by example Motivate others to work by setting a good example and having a positive attitude that inspires. Your manager will see that and take note of it.

Step 4 Network with coworkers Network and cultivate friendly relationships with coworkers. Relationships are how business thrives and how you get ahead.

Step 5 Believe in yourself Believe in yourself and the success you deserve. Most people who accomplish their goals in life and at work identify a key attitude for success — the absolute belief that you can do anything you desire with hard work.