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How to Be the Best Husband

Demonstrate for your wife through genuine, concrete gestures that you are the best bargain in town by paying attention to the little things.


  • Step 1: Make peace Find common ground in disagreements with your wife, avoiding indicting adverbs like "never" and "always." Be the best husband ever and remember what she means to you.
  • Step 2: Pay attention Pay attention at the smallest, least significant moments. Make every moment count by listening, having a simple catch-up-the-day conversation -- laugh a lot.
  • Step 3: Show a little tenderness Ditch the macho independence and show your soft side. Gracefully accept help from her once in awhile, either to work as a team, do activities together, or just to reconnect.
  • Step 4: Show appreciation non-sexually Touch her in a nonsexual way to show appreciation for her worth as your loving soul mate. Make a point of brushing an arm, rubbing her back, affectionately squeezing her waist, or stroking her face out of the blue.
  • Step 5: Put up with her Let opportunities to criticize or point out annoying habits pass. She puts up with your nasty habits -- you owe it to her to put up with hers. Accept her as she is and quit trying to change her.
  • Step 6: Communicate better Listen to her without being judgmental, overbearing, or controlling. Women talk their regrets, hopes, and grievances through in pursuit of something richer for both of you. Shut up and learn to be a better person and the best husband.
  • Step 7: Do more Do more around the house. Even the smallest sign that you're trying can mean the world. Besides, it's not like you don't create some of the clutter and mess anyway.
  • Step 8: Make her feel special Surprise her. Buy her flowers and add a love note. Go out of the way to make your wife feel special and you might feel like the best of husbands without her having to say so.
  • FACT: Research has found that husbands typically enjoy greater physical health than their unmarried counterparts.

You Will Need

  • Common ground
  • Tenderness
  • Appreciation
  • Communication
  • Surprises

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