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How to Achieve Your Goals

Talk is cheap; to get what you want, declare your intentions, make a plan, and start executing!


  • Step 1: Set a high bar Set each goal by aiming for the stars, with personal dreams and life targets as well as business objectives. While you shouldn't expect success right away, setting a high bar is a realistic way of conditioning yourself for the struggle.
  • Step 2: Measure your success Define goals in specific, observable detail, to measure your success instead of allowing emotions to either diminish or inflate your progress. Make one clearly defined goal for yourself at a time.
  • TIP: Don't make vague desires into goals or your efforts will be intermittent and diffuse, with always moving targets.
  • Step 3: Love what you do Love what you do and trust your gut. The keys to success are a dream and an almost insane passion to reach it. If you were fastest this time, great -- now find a way to get faster.
  • Step 4: Run at challenges Run at, not away, from challenges. People who achieve their goals look for resistance or someone to tell them they can't do it. When the going gets rough, your private insecurities come to the fore -- face them as the illusions they are.
  • Step 5: Keep it to yourself Confide your goal to a small group of trusted family and friends until you're so close to getting there you want to share the excitement. Increase your intensity and focus by delaying that gratification until you've earned it.
  • Step 6: Get help at times Get help along the way, communicating clearly how people can serve the goals you envision. You're in charge, so make it clear that you're not looking for anyone to do your work for you -- this is your journey.
  • FACT: Millionaire Chris Gardner's life was the inspiration for the 2006 film, The Pursuit of Happyness, in which he persevered through devastating setbacks to achieve his goals, even while homeless and caring for his son.

You Will Need

  • Goal
  • Observable measurements
  • Love
  • Challenges
  • Help
  • Fear (optional)

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