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How to Achieve Greatness in Your Marriage

After the honeymoon is over and real life begins, don't neglect your special bond. With a little work, you can reach greatness and follow the path of life-long happiness together.


  • Step 1: Put your spouse first Put your spouse first. Treat them better than anyone else. Do not talk about them behind their back. Make your role of husband or wife the most important, even over the role of mom or dad.
  • Step 2: Put things in perspective Put things in perspective. Let the small things go and give each other a break.
  • Step 3: Divide your time wisely Divide your time wisely. Give your spouse some space to pursue their special interests, but also find activities that you like doing together.
  • Step 4: Continue constant communication Continue constant communication. The more you talk to each other to stay on the same page, the less likely you are to misunderstand and miscommunicate.
  • Step 5: Don't give up Do not give up -- believe that marriage is forever. Don't imagine a life without your spouse and think that divorce is an option.
  • TIP: Seek marriage counseling and read books or search the internet for advice on successful marriage and communication techniques if you feel your marriage is headed down the wrong path.
  • Step 6: Forgive your spouse Forgive your spouse -- everyone makes mistakes. Realize that you will see things differently and sometimes agree to disagree.
  • TIP: Never go to sleep angry. If you're having an argument with your spouse, settle it before you head to bed.
  • Step 7: Foster their well-being Foster your spouse's well-being. Encourage them to be their best and succeed. Respect their opinion. Take time to realize what makes them spark and why. You may end up discovering a whole new side of the person you thought you knew so well.
  • FACT: In both 2008 and 2009, more than two million marriages took place in the United States.

You Will Need

  • Time to work on your marrige
  • Marriage counselor (optional)

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