How to Recaulk a Bathtub or Shower

There's nothing that will brighten up your bathroom faster than recaulking an old, mildewed bathtub or shower.

You will need

  • A utility knife
  • Bleach
  • A small bucket of water
  • A toothbrush
  • A tube of caulk
  • A clean rag
  • Silicon caulk remover
  • A plastic caulking tool
  • Painter's tape

Step 1 Remove the old caulk Using a utility knife, cut along the edge where the caulk meets the tub. Scrape out all the old caulk.

Step 2 Clean the area Pour a capful of bleach into a small bucket of water. Using a toothbrush, scrub the area with your bleach solution to help prevent mildew and mold from returning.

Step 3 Let it dry Allow the area to dry for at least two hours.

Step 4 Fill the tub Fill the tub with water to weigh the tub down, creating more space to fill with new caulk. Leave the water until your new caulk fully dries.

Step 5 Apply caulk Cut the tip off the tube of caulk at the point indicated. Starting at one corner of the tub, slowly squeeze the caulk into the gap in a smooth and even line.

Step 6 Even out the caulk Wet your finger and run it along the new caulk to smooth it out evenly. Wipe any caulk that gets on your finger onto a damp rag.

Step 7 Wipe up excess caulk Use your finger and a paper towel to wipe up any excess caulk.

Step 8 Let it dry The new caulk needs to harden for at least 24 hours before you shower or bathe. So it’s a good idea to take your shower before starting this project!