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How to Let Your Guard Down

After you've been in a destructive relationship, it can be hard to open up your heart and love again, but it is important to get over the pain and let your guard down.


  • Step 1: Forgive Forgive your ex for hurting you. Not only that, but forgive them compassionately by sending them loving thoughts. Hope that they learn to stop hurting the ones they love.
  • Step 2: Let go of your anger Let go of your anger. Anger can be unhealthy for your body and mind, and it can even cause addictions. Anger can emit an anti-charisma that others can sense, and it will make them want to avoid you.
  • Step 3: Want to trust Develop the desire to trust the person in your new relationship. In order to let your guard down, you have to want to let your guard down. Don't let past experiences distort your judgment.
  • TIP: Seek the help of a counselor who can help you deal with your feelings of distrust and aid you in modifying your behavior.
  • Step 4: Know you don't have to be taken advantage of Know that just because you are letting your guard down, it doesn't mean you have to be taken advantage of. You can be a strong, independent person and still be in a relationship.
  • Step 5: Find a better relationship Be a part of a better relationship than your previous one. Be with a person who will care for you and stay committed to you -- do the same for them by letting your guard down.
  • FACT: Married men typically live longer than unmarried men.

You Will Need

  • Forgiveness
  • Trust
  • Relationship
  • Counselor (optional)

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