How to Send a Relationship Request on Facebook

Don't leave your relationship status in limbo. Make things Facebook official by sending a relationship request that the whole world can see -- or at least people on Facebook.

You will need

  • Facebook account
  • Willing relationship partner
  • Anniversary (optional)

Step 1 Log into Facebook Log into Facebook. After you’re logged in, click on Profile at the top of the page

Step 2 Edit Click the Info tab of your profile and then click Edit.

Step 3 Find Relationships Find Relationships in the menu and click.

Step 4 Set your relationship Use the drop-down box to choose what type of relationship you are in. Options include “In a Relationship,” “Engaged,” “Married,” and “It’s Complicated.”

Step 5 Identify partner Start typing the name of the person you are in a relationship with in the text box below the drop down box. If they are your Facebook friend, their full name will come up for you to click on. Click the name.

Step 6 Hit Save Don’t forget to hit Save. Now you just have to wait for the confirmation!