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How to Send a Calendar Invite in Outlook

Let everyone know when and where your meeting will be by sending a calendar invite using Microsoft Outlook.


  • Step 1: Open the meeting request form in Outlook Open Microsoft Outlook. Go to the File menu, and select New. Click Meeting Request to open the meeting request form.
  • TIP: Press Control plus Shift plus Q from anywhere in Outlook as a shortcut to the Meeting Request form.
  • Step 2: Choose a subject and location for your meeting Fill in the subject line of the form with a clear but concise statement of what the meeting will be about. Enter the location for your meeting, or click Rooms to choose from a list of available spaces if your workplace is connected using Microsoft Exchange.
  • Step 3: Enter start and end times Select your desired start and end times for the meeting. Check the All Day Event box if you are scheduling a full-day meeting.
  • TIP: Make a meeting private so that others can't see your subject and location. Go to the Options group in the Meeting tab. Click Options then click Private.
  • Step 4: Go to the Scheduling Assistant Go to the Meeting tab. Click Scheduling Assistant in the Show group. This opens a tool to check the availability of your meeting attendees.
  • Step 5: Add attendees Click Add Others, and select attendees for the meeting using your address book. Designate the people who absolutely must attend the meeting as Required. Mark others as Optional. Click OK.
  • Step 6: Check availability and adjust times, if needed Check the availability of all your desired attendees. See the Suggested Times list for other options when most of your attendees will be able to attend. Change the time for your meeting by clicking on the best suggested time or by manually picking a time from the grid calendar.
  • TIP: Create one calendar invite to cover all instances of a recurring meeting. Go to the Options group in the Meeting tab, and click Recurrence to select how often this meeting will take place.
  • Step 7: Click Send Click Send to send your invitation via e-mail to all of the scheduled attendees. Know that, with everyone in one place at one time, any issues can be more readily resolved.
  • FACT: Julius Caesar introduced his own calendar around 45 BCE. to better align the months with the lunar cycles and the seasons. The Julian Calendar uses 365 days, 12 months, and a leap day every four years.

You Will Need

  • Microsoft Outlook account

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