How to Find a Timeshare for Rent

If you do an internet search, you'll find many timeshares for rent. Some of these listings can be unreliable. Find the right rental using these tips.

You will need

  • Timeshare user group membership
  • Timeshare marketplace membeship
  • Trust
  • Escrow service
  • Rental agreement
  • Deposit

Step 1 Know about timeshare user groups Know about longstanding timeshare user group websites. Browse through rental ads and be sure to do research before joining a group.

Step 2 Consider a timeshare rental marketplace Consider joining an online timeshare rental marketplace service. Browse their rental database by location or resort name.

Step 3 Understand rental rules Understand complex rental rules. Most timeshares rent at a fixed rate. Others use a point system, where each point’s dollar value fluctuates with the market.

Step 4 Join a marketplace or user group Join a reputable online marketplace or user group for a small fee. Narrow down prospective rentals, or post a “wish ad” to be seen by timeshare owner members.

Step 5 Contact a timeshare owner Contact a timeshare owner through an ad. A certain amount of trust may be required that the owner has correctly described the property.

Step 6 Use a rental escrow service Use a rental escrow service like First American Title. Redweek offers this service as a transaction guarantee. But escrow transactions aren’t the norm.

Step 7 Do a private transaction Do a private transaction with the timeshare owner. Get the rental agreement, sign and return the agreement to the owner with a deposit, and enjoy your new timeshare!