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How to Let It All Out

Don't run from your emotions -- learn to embrace them by letting them all out and letting them go.


  • Step 1: Find a place to scream Find a room, field, backyard, or warehouse to go to and scream. It doesn't have to make sense so much as bleed some of the negative, pent-up feelings.
  • Step 2: Express through art Releasing your creativity can help release pent-up emotions. Express yourself through art, whether painting, writing, singing, or dancing.
  • TIP: The original idea of drama was catharsis, allowing people to vicariously release their own emotions through the lives of imaginary others in the play.
  • Step 3: Listen to music Listen to music to feel your emotions, experience pleasure, release the pain, and eventually heal.
  • Step 4: Write it down Process your feelings by writing in a journal, without editing, to understand yourself, to blow off steam, and to reflect on your misconceptions.
  • Step 5: Talk to yourself Talk to yourself as if you were another person and rage at full tilt. Be a good friend and advise yourself.
  • TIP: A good cry can allow you to feel everything and move on.
  • Step 6: Speak with pets Talk to your pets and pour it out. They can't answer, but they'll always accept and love you.
  • Step 7: See a counselor See a psychologist, who can teach more techniques for recognizing and releasing your emotions.
  • FACT: Dr. Arthur Janov's primal therapy, which he began developing in the 1960s, includes allowing the patient scream during their therapy sessions.

You Will Need

  • Room to scream
  • Artistic expression
  • Journal writing
  • Pets
  • Psychologist
  • Good cry (optional)

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