How to Know If a Product Has Been Recalled

Every year products get recalled, but most never make the newspapers. Find out from readily available online resources if a product that you own has been recalled by a company or manufacturer.

You will need

  • Internet access
  • Product information

Step 1 Know about Know about, representing consumer protection arms of six federal agencies including the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Step 2 Search the CPSC database Search the CPSC database by product type, specific company, product description, types of hazards, and where the product was manufactured.

Step 3 Find vehicle product recalls Find auto, truck, and motorcycle product recalls at Search by model year, make, and specific vehicle equipment such as tires and child restraints.

Step 4 Search for boat recalls Search for recreational boat and related equipment recalls at the U.S. Coast Guard’s database. Search by company, model year, and type of problem.

Step 5 Search the FDA database Search the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) database. Product recalls include human/animal drugs, cosmetics, and 80 percent of foods eaten in the United States.

Step 6 Read FSIS recalls Read FSIS recalls of meat, poultry, and egg products at federally inspected plants. These cases are listed by year.

Step 7 Be aware of your own food handling practices Be aware of your own food handling practices. is a consumer education site sponsored by the Agriculture Department and FDA.