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How to Acquire, Engage & Retain Customers with Foursquare

Whether you manage a local business or a national chain, foursquare can help you better engage your loyal customers and acquire and retain new ones. Here's how.


  • Step 1: Claim your business Sign up for a free user account at "": Then, search for your business and, if you’re the manager, click the claim button to get started.
  • TIP: If your business is not listed, add it at
  • Step 2: Create specials Foursquare specials are a great way to attract new customers and reward your most loyal ones. Use the easy tools on to set up promotions to match your goal of acquisition or retention -- or both! Once approved, specials are indicated in the places list, when someone checks in nearby, and every time a user checks in at your location.
  • TIP: You can easily manage specials across multiple locations by claiming more than one venue.
  • Step 3: Analytics Click on Venue Stats to see check-in data from your customers, including popular days and times and which visitors are most loyal. Use the information provided by foursquare to help tailor specials and grow your customer base.
  • TIP: Use the timeline toolbar at the top of the page to dig deeper into the data.
  • Step 4: Refine over time Measure the success of your specials with foursquare's free stats and analytics. Track brand perception and find out what customers are saying via the built-in Tips. Then, use what you've learned to adjust specials, highlight favorite dishes, reward your loyal customers, and help drive more people through your doors.
  • Step 5: Get creative Find creative ways to interact with both new and repeat customers. Set up exclusive promotions, campaigns, and events, like swarm parties and joint specials with other local retailers.
  • TIP: Link your current rewards programs to foursquare, making it easy to connect check-ins to loyalty card swipes.
  • Step 6: Connect with your customers Provide value and connect with your customers with Foursquare. Questions? Visit "": to learn more.

You Will Need

  • Brick and mortar business
  • Internet access

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