How to Tie a Scarf into a Stylish Head Wrap

This head wrap is easy to wear and perfect for a trip to the beach, keeping your hair out of your face, or, like Grace Kelly, wearing under a large-rimmed straw hat.

You will need

  • A square scarf
  • And a flat surface

Step 1 Fold diagonally On a flat surface, fold your scarf diagonally in half so that you have a triangle with one slightly longer side, or base.

Step 2 Pull back side points Center the base against your forehead, allowing the top point of the triangle to lay back against your head, and pull the two side points back behind your head.

Step 3 Knot side points Knot the two side points over the top point of the scarf, don your oversized sunglasses, and pretend you’re a celebrity incognito.