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How to Manage Your Energy Usage with Constellation Energy's VirtuWatt

Boosting the efficiency of your company's energy strategy is just a click away. Constellation Energy's VirtuWatt application gives you the information you need to make better-informed decisions about the energy usage that impacts your bottom line.


  • Step 1: Understand what VirtuWatt is Understand what VirtuWatt is: a unique application that leverages cutting-edge technology to manage your energy usage and load-response programs. The country’s electrical grids are managed by independent system operators -- ISOs -- and regional transmission organizations -- RTOs -- that offer compensation for agreeing to reduce power usage during periods of peak demand. VirtuWatt helps energy users optimize their participation in these programs. With VirtuWatt, you can connect directly to your electric meter, your building’s automation system and the grid operator or utility with one, user-friendly interface.
  • Step 2: Know what it offers Know what VirtuWatt offers: real-time information about your power usage, energy pricing data to help you calculate costs and make educated curtailment decisions, and the ability to cut your usage instantly if needed -- even if no personnel are on-site. VirtuWatt also allows you to manage your load-response program directly with the grid operator or utility.
  • Step 3: Know how it works Know how VirtuWatt works: Constellation provides commercial and industrial electricity customers with hardware that monitors their energy usage in real time, and helps them program preset, automated energy-cutting scenarios -- eliminating the manual processes traditionally used by electricity companies to participate in load-response programs. And by linking you to your grid operator with a simple interface, bidding load into your available programs is a quick and easy process.
  • TIP: VirtuWatt is also available as an app for the iPhone and other smartphones, so you can access critical energy data and manage your power strategy anywhere.
  • Step 4: Recognize monetary benefits Recognize VirtuWatt's monetary benefits: providing immediate usage data -- previously available only through monthly billing statements -- lets you pinpoint the best times to shift operations to lower-cost energy periods, scale back consumption while maintaining operations, or be "on call" to shed power for financial incentives.
  • Step 5: Make smarter bids Make educated bids: VirtuWatt users can achieve better financial returns by basing their bids on the most accurate information available. VirtuWatt's bidding tools simplify the decision process by letting you select market auction and region, view regional accounts, input minimum bid price for load curtailment, bid up to 7 days in advance, and track bid status and history.
  • TIP: Facilities that can affect their load profile through load shifting, such as pre-cooling or other techniques, can reduce costs by responding to day-ahead or real-time pricing information.
  • Step 6: Feel the power Feel the power: VirtuWatt's game-changing technology lets commercial and industrial power users take advantage of the full benefits of demand response programs in real time with just a single platform. With Virtuwatt, you have a tool to manage energy market fluctuations and the information you need to be proactive. So your company can manage cost and risk, automate the load-response process, and, without sacrificing productivity, take pressure off the grid and operate in a more sustainable fashion.
  • FACT: Constellation Energy’s load-response customers can reduce usage at a level equivalent to a large power plant. When demand is high, grid operators can call on customers to reduce usage instead of dispatching a power plant to generate more electricity.

You Will Need

  • VirtuWatt access
  • Constellation Energy

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