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How to Find Out If His/Her Facebook Friends Really Are Just Friends

Suspicious of your significant other's Facebook friends who seem a bit too friendly? Here's how to find out if "it's complicated."


  • Step 1: Just ask Ask your partner who their new "friend" is, and then look at their pupils. If they dilate, your question may have touched a nerve. And if they touch their mouth, nose, or ears a lot and launch into a detailed explanation of how innocent the relationship is, you may have cause for concern -- all of these are signs that they could be lying.
  • Step 2: Friend their friend Dig deeper by friending your partner's new buddy. If they don't accept, or they accept but don't let you see all their information, they may be hiding something. And if your partner is annoyed or angry with you for friending their friend, that may indicate another warning sign.
  • Step 3: Set up a fake Facebook account If your friend request is denied, go undercover. Set up a fake Facebook account and request their friendship; some people automatically accept -- even if they don't know the person -- just to boost their friend count. If it works, you might be able to see flirty wall posts that aren’t visible to non-friends, and that they would block if they knew you were looking.
  • Step 4: Open their account If friend requests fail and you have access to your partner's computer, try logging onto their Facebook page -- many people forget to sign out. Or try to guess your way in.
  • TIP: Some of the most of the most common passwords are: password, abc123, letmein, monkey, and the person's first name.
  • Step 5: Send a message If you're successful, send the so-called friend a flirty message and see what comes back. Keep in mind that your partner will see that you've sent a message posing as them and you'll have some explaining to do if the friendship really is innocent.
  • Step 6: Get serious For foolproof evidence, install monitoring software on your partner's computer: it records their every keystroke, enabling you to read e-mails, chats, and instant messages. Just make sure you're prepared for what you find out.
  • FACT: In a survey, 42 percent of men admitted to reading their partner's Facebook messages or e-mail without their partner's knowledge.

You Will Need

  • Facebook account
  • Partner's account
  • Fake Facebook account
  • Monitoring software

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