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How to Arrange Flowers in a Wide Shallow Vase

This is a handy technique the pros use all the time—it's perfect for arranging flowers in unusual receptacles, like a favorite punch bowl or cookie tin.


  • Step 1: Choose vase Choose your vase or container first--the number of flowers you need will be determined by the width of its opening.
  • TIP: If the container is transparent, line the inside with large leaves first to block any view of the floral tape you'll be using.
  • Step 2: Gather flowers Gather enough flowers to densely fill the mouth of the container. You'll need more for tighter blossoms and less for looser ones.
  • TIP: This technique is especially useful for delicate, thin-stemmed flowers that can't be easily placed--and don't survive well--in floral foam.
  • Step 3: Fill with water Fill the container halfway with cool water.
  • Step 4: Place floral tape Use the floral tape to create a grid across the top of the container. Use long strips of tape and lay them perpendicular to each other, alternating between vertical and horizontal strips, so they crisscross like the weave of a basket. Space the strips the same distance apart in each direction so you end up with a grid of squares.
  • TIP: If you plan on using a variety of flowers with mixed sizes and shapes, make a more irregular grid by varying the distance between strips of tape.
  • Step 5: Trim excess tape Carefully trim away any excess tape with the box cutter or razor blade.
  • Step 6: Trim stems & place Trim the stems as needed, and place each individual flower into the squares of the grid until the container is full. Now congratulate yourself--you're making arrangements like a professional florist.
  • FACT: Louisiana is the only state that requires florists to be licensed.

You Will Need

  • The wide
  • shallow vase or container of your choice
  • Some cool water
  • The fresh flowers of your choice
  • A roll of waterproof floral tape
  • A box cutter or razor blade
  • And a pair of gardening shears or scissors
  • Several large leaves or fronds (optional) (optional)

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