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How to Survive a Digital Fast

Technology addiction taking over your life? Abstain from the modern age -- for a little while -- with tips on how to survive a digital fast.


  • Step 1: Set parameters Set goals and parameters for your digital fast, like the specific gadgets you want to give up and for how long. Expect withdrawal symptoms -- multitasking with several gadgets can have addictive effects.
  • TIP: To feel less anxious, tell friends and family how to reach you in an emergency.
  • Step 2: Entertain yourself Stimulate your brain in other ways. Read a book or play puzzle games to keep your mind active and distract yourself from your addiction.
  • Step 3: Connect with someone Have a face-to-face conversation with someone to replace the rush you get from digital communication. Find people with whom you can express yourself as you would online.
  • TIP: Consider hanging out with people who are also trying to survive a digital fast.
  • Step 4: Be in the moment Be more present and observant in moments when you'd normally be distracted. Scientists believe a few moments of quiet downtime spread throughout the day can help you learn better and retain more information.
  • Step 5: Identify technology's importance Toward the end of your fast, make a list of moments when technology would have been useful and when you were happy without it. Then, use the list once your fast is over to strike a new balance in your life.
  • Step 6: Return to technology Break your digital fast by slowly reintroducing technology, remembering to control the role it plays in your life.
  • FACT: A 2010 study found that 82 percent of U.S. business executives use a smartphone.

You Will Need

  • Goals
  • Books and puzzles
  • Conversation
  • Observation
  • Quiet place
  • Friends and family (optional)

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