How to Photobomb

Photobombing is the art of inserting yourself into someone else's photos unexpectedly. Here's how to pull off this move for maximum effect.

You will need

  • Photograph in progress
  • Timing

Step 1 Find an photograph Find an opportunity for a photobomb. Look for people posing for a picture, where your presence would be grossly out of place.

Step 2 Prepare to photobomb Get in position to sneak into the picture. Estimate the photographer’s likely field of vision to ensure you’ll make it all the way into the photograph.

Step 3 Time it right Choose the exact moment to photobomb. Watch for the photographer to count down, or the subjects to pose or say cheese.

Step 4 Make it memorable Right before the shutter clicks, move into frame. Make expressions or gestures to upend the photo’s context.

Step 5 Flee the scene Leave the immediate vicinity to avoid the victims’ revenge. Once you’re safe, be on the lookout for the next carefully planned photo setup to disrupt.