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How to Print from Your Mobile Device with HP ePrint

Want the freedom to print no matter where you are? Unlock the power of ePrint and print directly to an HP web-connected printer from your mobile device. If you can e-mail it, you can print it!


  • Step 1: Set up the e-mail Take note of your HP web-connected printer's unique e-mail address, provided automatically during setup. Add it to your mobile device's contacts, and you're good to start printing -- no software required.
  • TIP: Look for confirmation e-mails from HP when your printer receives projects.
  • Step 2: Be more productive HP ePrint is incredibly convenient for a wide range of materials. Send e-mail messages, attachments, or even full presentations from your mobile device to your HP web-connected printer -- clear, full-color documents will be waiting for you whenever you get home.
  • Step 3: Send photos Taking photos on the go? E-mail them from your mobile device straight to your HP printer. They'll automatically print on photo paper if it's loaded in the tray -- perfect for framing.
  • Step 4: Share the fun Want to get closer with family and friends or collaborate better with colleagues? Share your HP printer’s e-mail so others can access your printer wherever they are, too, without having to install drivers or software. Once you start exploring ePrint, you'll love the freedom that comes when printing's as easy as sending an e-mail.
  • FACT: You'll find ePrint in all HP web-connected printers. For more information, go to "":

You Will Need

  • An HP web-connected printer
  • E-mail account
  • Internet connection
  • Mobile device

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