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How to Get Over a Breakup & Maintain Your Online Dignity

Ending a relationship is even more difficult when you have to see constant updates from your ex. Take solace with these tips on getting over a breakup while preserving your dignity online.


  • Step 1: Choose private or public Decide how many people in your social network you want to hear about your change in relationship status. It may be easier to get over a breakup by eliciting sympathy with a public announcement or by simply laying low. Once you've decided, adjust your privacy settings, and switch your status if necessary.
  • TIP: Consider removing your relationship status from your online profile entirely, rather than changing it to "single."
  • Step 2: Cut all ties Defriend, unfollow, and unlink from any direct online connection to your ex. It might seem severe, but you'll get over a breakup faster without reading about their rebounds or seeing pictures of them loving life when you're feeling down.
  • Step 3: Post wisely Post positively -- if you and your ex share gossipy online friends, at least make them think you're OK about the breakup. Don't post platitudes or cliche song lyrics. Instead, write updates that describe new developments in your own life.
  • TIP: "Finally stopped crying" is not a new development worth posting.
  • Step 4: Protect yourself Put up online safeguards to protect yourself in moments of weakness. Download applications that keep you from searching for names or sending e-mails when you're depressed, drunk, or both.
  • Step 5: Move on Over the breakup and ready to move on? Check out online dating sites and your friends' friends and connections for potential flings or partners, and make finding a new love as easy as logging on.
  • FACT: According to a 2010 global poll, 30% of web users think the internet is a good place to meet a romantic partner.

You Will Need

  • Privacy settings
  • Inner strength
  • Positive posts
  • Protective applications
  • Chat rooms
  • Internet dating sites (optional)

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