How to Meet the President of the United States

Drawn to power? Meet the President of the United States of America and greet the leader of the free world.


  • Step 1: Be a winner Develop your athletic prowess. First, make the roster of a professional sports franchise or the U.S. Olympic team. Then, lead your team to a championship and enjoy a trip to the White House.
  • Step 2: Show your heroism Capture the public's attention with an incredible act of kindness and bravery. Or find a solution to a national or international crisis.
  • TIP: Have your achievement coincide with the President's political agenda to increase your chances of a meeting.
  • Step 3: Be a policy wonk Become an expert in your field, and develop so much influence that the President of the United States will seek your advice before acting on legislation.
  • Step 4: Represent a foreign land Have citizenship abroad? Rise to become your homeland's ambassador to the United States, and meet with the President to receive your credentials.
  • TIP: Make sure your homeland has diplomatic relations with the U.S. before pursuing an ambassadorship.
  • Step 5: Make a donation Become a fundraiser for the President's political party. Secure donations until the Chief Executive feels they can't ignore your invitations to meet without risking their campaign funding.
  • Step 6: Let your vote count Move to a sparsely populated state with a prominent role in the national primaries and meet the future President as they talk with voters and sample local delicacies.
  • FACT: There are no White House recordings of the famous meeting between President Nixon and Elvis Presley because it took place before the taping system was installed.

You Will Need

  • Athletic prowess
  • Heroism
  • Policy expertise
  • Foreign connections
  • Fundraising ability
  • Presidential agenda (optional)

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