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How to Tidy Up in Three Minutes

Company’s on the way and your place looks like a disaster site? You’ve got 3 minutes…. Go!


  • Step 1: Fill laundry basket Grab a laundry basket and run around the living room, tossing in everything that’s not where it’s supposed to be. Put the basket in a closet and shut the door.
  • TIP: Open the windows. Research shows bright light gives the impression of cleanliness—even in a dirty room.
  • Step 2: Clean with fabric softener sheet Grab a fabric softener sheet and quickly run it over any obvious surfaces --tables, bookcases and the TV. Its anti-static properties pick up dust with little effort.
  • Step 3: Clean dust w/ wet paper towel Round up dust bunnies with a wet paper towel. Just collar the most visible ones, usually around chair and table legs.
  • TIP: Spritz some lemon air freshener in each room; the scent of citrus subliminally signals 'clean.' If you don’t have any, cut a real lemon in half and go from room to room squeezing it into a glass.
  • Step 4: Clean bathroom Attack the bathroom with a spray bottle of cleaner and some paper towels. Wipe down the sink and the toilet. Pour some bleach into the toilet, then throw any clutter into the tub and close the shower curtain.
  • Step 5: Clean up kitchen Rush to the kitchen, stash dirty dishes in the sink, shove any remaining clutter into cabinets and drawers, and wipe down the counter.
  • Step 6: Close doors Close doors to the remaining rooms. It will present an image of tidiness while discouraging people from entering. Now put on your best smile—you’re ready to greet your visitor!
  • FACT: Seventy percent of us say guests are our main motivation for cleaning.

You Will Need

  • Laundry basket
  • Some dryer sheets
  • Paper towels
  • Some spray cleaner
  • Some bleach
  • Lemon air freshener
  • Or real lemons and a glass

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