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How to Have a One-Night Stand

Craving one night of sex, with no commitment? Here's what you need to do to make it happen.


  • Step 1: Look your best Look your best if you want to have a one-night stand. Though appearance often plays a role in attracting potential partners overall, it's a priority -- for both genders -- in deciding to have a one-night stand with someone.
  • Step 2: Find good hunting grounds Find good hunting grounds: a vacation resort, where people are more relaxed; a wedding, where sentimentality prevails; or an office party, where common sense sometimes goes out the window. A tragedy or disaster is also a good time, because people are in a "seize-the-moment" frame of mind.
  • TIP: 29 percent of people polled have had a one-night stand following a holiday party.
  • Step 3: Target the party animals Look for people who are in the center of the action, laughing and having a good time. They are more likely to be up for a commitment-free, one-night stand than the wallflowers.
  • Step 4: Be strategic Be strategic: if you spot 2 potential one-night stands who are together, go for the less attractive person. It not only increases your chances of getting lucky, but may make your first choice so jealous that you'll end up going home with them.
  • Step 5: Make no promises Don't pretend a one-night stand is more than it is: if you have no intention of seeing the person after you sleep with them, simply thank them for a good time and be on your way. Having a one-night stand isn’t an excuse to be a jerk.
  • FACT: Scientists have found a gene variant that makes people more likely to engage in uncommitted sex, including one-night stands and infidelity.

You Will Need

  • Attractiveness
  • Good hunting grounds
  • Party animals
  • Strategizing
  • Honesty

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