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Quick Tips: How to Clean Fridge Spills

Tough spill in the fridge? Sprinkle baking soda on a damp dish towel and gently scrub the spot. It will remove the stain without harming the surface.


Elsa: Good morning, Doctor.

Doctor: And a good morning to you too, Elsa! You look radiant.

Elsa: Thank you, Doctor.

Doctor: We haven't been seeing much of you lately, Elsa. You've been missing appointments.

Elsa: I'm sorry Doctor, I've been feeling much better.

Doctor: That is very good to hear. And what has brought about this improvement?

Elsa: It's the new man in my life. He's convinced me to fight my addiction.

Doctor: Ah, the policeman from the newspapers. How has he coped with his fall from grace?

Elsa: He can finally see things from a human perspective, rather than the ivory tower he created for himself. It's making him stronger, and it's making me stronger helping him.

Doctor: You wouldn't make a bad analyst yourself, Elsa. Should we swap seats?

Elsa: We're both finding we have a lot to live up to.

Doctor: And what is that?

Elsa: In my case, Lou. He went through hell along with me and still came out smiling. In Cole's case, his friend Jack Kelso.

Doctor: Kelso?

Elsa: You've heard of him?

Doctor: No, I just like the sound of his name.

Elsa: Cole and Jack are working on a case together.

Doctor: Is Jack a policeman too?

Elsa: No, he works for the District Attorney.

Doctor: What?

Elsa: He's a Special Investigator. I thought you didn't know him?

Doctor: I have never met the gentleman in question.

Elsa: He has been looking into Lou's case. Cole thinks it might be linked to some fires he's investigating. You look pale, Doctor.

Doctor: It's cold in here, Elsa. I think I'll close the window. Why are you looking at me like that, Elsa?

Elsa: You arranged for Lou to work at Elysian Fields, Doctor.

Doctor: Your fears are unfounded. I meet many people in my line of work. There are many ways that people can be helped, finding them work is just one of them.

Elsa: I don't believe you, Doctor. I've seen you with Monroe at the club.

Doctor: I'm sorry that you have come to that conclusion, Elsa. I've always so enjoyed our conversations. I can see your future, Elsa... and Cole the policeman... and Jack the investigator. It's an unfortunate and grisly end.

Man 1: I've come to help you, Doctor. To help you cross over. All your sins will be forgiven in the next life.

Man 2: It's got to be one of these places. The arsonist's a bug sprayer. He must have worked at one of these joints.

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