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Quick Tips: How to Clean Your Fireplace

Cleaning your fireplace? Sprinkle the ashes with wet coffee grounds before you remove them; they'll be easier to sweep up, and you won't get ash and dust all over the room.


Kelso: I appreciate the help, all of you. We can reminisce later. I want a minimum of noise and no prisoners.

Alvarro: No prisoners? This isn't Peleliu, Jack.

Kelso: These guys are grifting GIs. That's what they do for a living.

Connolly: It's okay, Jack, we all feel the same way. It just hasn't turned out quite the way we imagined.

Kelso: Let's get it done. Teams of two. At the ready.

Throw out the guns!

Connolly: Good kill! Good kill! You nailed that son of a bitch.

Kelso: Weapons on the ground. Now! Let me see if I can put one between your eyes. Almost out, need a new weapon. I got you now, motherfucker! You want me? You got me. Give it up chump, I know you're there. Real clever, asshole. I'm going to find you.

Connolly: Real clever asshole, I'm going to find you.

Kelso: All right men, hold the perimeter. I got personal business with Mr. Leland Monroe.

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