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Quick Tips: How to Keep Firewood Dry

Want dry firewood? Cover and elevate your woodpile a few inches off the ground to keep it from soaking up water and to improve air circulation.


Guess nobody's home.

Most guys bring home a .45 or an M1. This is pretty extreme.

Quite a flock you got here, kid. The river tunnels. This guy is a tunnel rat.

I know those faces. Jesus Christ, I know every one of them.

Oh my God... Ira. You poor backward son of a bitch.

Petersen. I'm going to need some help. I've got Monroe, Fontaine and all the others.
It's all tied up nicely. It goes all the way to the top. Meet me at the LA River tunnel entrance, just up north of the First Street bridge in half an hour. Don't ask questions, just be there.

This is DA's investigator Jack Kelso. I have an urgent radio message for Detective Cole Phelps.

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