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Quick Tips: How to Maintain Your Garage Freezer

Need extra freezer space? Consider adding a freezer to your garage. Just check the temperature occasionally, especially when the seasons change -- it should always be between -5 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit.


Galloway: Cole, you made it.

Phelps: What's this got to do with me, Rusty?

Galloway: Dr. Fontaine, prominent shrink, dead in his patients' room, spine snapped like a twig. The suspect is one of his mental patients.

Phelps: I've met Fontaine.

Galloway: His last patient was Elsa Lichtmann, Cole. She's missing. Nurse said that she saw some big Boris Karloff type carry her out of here.

Phelps: The best thing that you could do to help me, Rusty, is let me take a look around.

Galloway: Sure thing, Cole. This way. Take your time, I'll give you and the Doctor some privacy.

Phelps: Looks like Fontaine has finally dispensed his last treatment. So much for your foresight, Doctor. Fontaine was having the houses burned for Monroe. Monroe wasn't happy. People started dying and it attracted attention. He and the doctor lost control. Good doctor has been marking this map. Edgewood Grove, McCarthy Vista, Crescent Heights, Rancho Escondido. Do those names mean anything to you, Herschel?

Biggs: Yeah. How come?

Phelps: New houses, all being built in the path of the freeway? Destroyed by a monster of your own creation, Dr. Fontaine. I've heard that story somewhere before.

Monroe: That goddamned pet lunatic of yours is burning down our houses.

Fontaine: Keep your voice down, Leland. Control is of the essence.

Monroe: Keep my voice down? Do you know how much these sons of bitches charge for lunch? Fuck them.

Fontaine: Leland, we will not solve our problems by announcing them to the general public. We only speed ourselves on the way to the gallows.

Monroe: He's your imbecile, Harlan. Get him under control or get rid of him.

Fontaine: Speaking of which, I've had to dispose of our young medical student.

Monroe: You what? You certainly are a cold character, Harlan.

Fontaine: He has a friend called Kelso, who knows all about the development on Normandie Avenue.

Monroe: I know about Kelso.

Fontaine: And you thought it unimportant to inform me?

Monroe: I thought I could take care of it.

Fontaine: Have you?

Monroe: No, I haven't.

Fontaine: Kelso works for Benson. Is he reliable?

Monroe: No, he's totally unreliable. But he has so many pernicious habits he's got nowhere to run.

Fontaine: Can you take care of Kelso?

Monroe: Don't push me, Harlan. Get rid of the fruitcake, he's no longer necessary. I'll take care of Jack Kelso.

Phelps: Jack was wrong. It's not about insurance, it's about eminent domain.

Biggs: What are you talking about, Cole?

Phelps: The government reclaims the land in the path of the freeway, and pays the improved value of the land with the new houses sitting on it.

Biggs: What about the stiffs who paid their deposits?

Phelps: Worst case, they get their money back. But the syndicate pockets millions on the improved value of the land.

Biggs: So where does Jack's boss come into it?

Phelps: He's the key. He carries the insurance. The insurance proves how much the houses are worth.

Biggs: And they're worth nothing?

Phelps: Firewood, all of them.

Biggs: That's about as neat a scam as you could imagine. How are we going to prove any of this, Cole? Doctor's dead, Monroe nearly bled to death. If they get Jack...

Phelps: We need the firebug. The Okie cowboy. Get him, get Elsa. Get him, get all of them.

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