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Quick Tips: How to Make Snow Removal Easier

Snowstorm coming? Apply a de-icer to your walkways and driveways before it starts to snow to reduce accumulation by 2 to 3 inches. Use an eco-friendly product that won't harm pets or plants.


KGPL: KGPL calling car 11K, 11 King come in.

Biggs: Go ahead, KGPL.

KGPL: 11K, see the man. A 207 just occurred on the spillway north of the First Street bridge. DA's investigator Jack Kelso reports a kidnapping suspect outstanding in the LA River tunnel system with a hostage. 11K handle, Code Three.

Biggs: Roger that. The hell is Jack playing at? It's like a suicide note. Half the LAPD will be down there hunting for him.

Phelps: We need to get there first.

KGPL: All units on all frequencies stand by, car 86 Adam is in pursuit of suspect vehicle heading southwest on Sunset Boulevard. Suspect vehicle belonging to Jack Kelso described as a navy Chevrolet Fleetline, license number 4-William-0-2-8-6. Car 86 Adam is in pursuit.

Phelps: They've picked up his car. He'll need help to make it to the river.

Biggs: That's Kelso's car.

KGPL: All units, Chief Worrell reports that the suspect is armed and extremely dangerous, repeat, extremely dangerous. Suspect vehicle to be disabled immediately. If necessary, use of deadly force is authorized.

All units, suspect vehicle headed west on Fifth Street. Repeat: the Chevy Fleetline, navy blue, westbound on Fifth Street.

All units, all units, we have a new suspect vehicle. It is shop number 1-3-5-1-6, repeating shop 1-3-5-1-6 is a second suspect vehicle. Described as a green Hudson Commodore, license 3-Sam-0-1-0-2, reported to be aiding suspect, Jack Kelso. Use caution and continue pursuit. All units, stand by for further.

All units, suspect vehicle sighted heading northeast toward Third Street, on the embankment between Third and Fourth.

All units, suspect vehicle is now northbound on Los Angeles, passing Second Street. Car 66 Adam, 77 Adam, go to First and Alameda. Car 19 William, go to First and Vignes, repeat, First and Vignes. Units to handle identify, Code Three.

All units, further to the second suspect vehicle, shop 1-3-5-1-6, Chief Worrell has authorized the use of deadly force. Repeat, use of deadly force is authorized in disabling both suspect vehicles.

Biggs: Jesus Christ, how many cops do these guys own?

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