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Quick Tips: How to Reduce Snow Shoveling Injuries

Shoveling snow? Reduce the risk of injury by running in place and then stretching for a few minutes before you start.


Phelps: Who is this guy?

Kelso: Petersen, Assistant D.A.

Biggs: What's he doing here?

Kelso: He's here to cover our backs.

Phelps: I'm going in there, Jack.

Kelso: No one's trying to stop you. I found this at the ranch house. He's marked his routes. I'll go in here. Cole, you take the next entrance. Biggs, I need you to take the car and cover this spot here. I think that's his fail-safe exit. Cole, he's one of ours.

Phelps: What are you talking about?

Worrell: Stop right where you are!

Kelso: Got it?

Phelps: Got it.

Kelso: Petersen, you want to be DA? Well, earn your salt.

Worrell: So Kelso is your boy, Petersen? And working with Phelps? A handy lad, that Kelso.

Petersen: Yes, he is, Chief. You can't imagine what those two have uncovered. It could go all the way to the top. I hope you won't be implicated.

Worrell: So you're the new broom, Petersen?

Petersen: Looks like it.

Worrell: And you think he will make it out of there alive?

Petersen: I think he might. He's a difficult boy to get rid of.

Worrell: All right, Petersen. I'm listening. What's your offer?

Kelso: Goddamn!

Man 1: He's there. Right there.

Kelso: Flesh wound.

Man 1: You're pretty brave for a dead man.

Kelso: How long do you think you can hold out?

Man 2: Show me your face, motherfucker!

Kelso: You're surrounded and your partners are dead.

Man 3: Eyes open, now he's around here somewhere. He's there, right there. Kill him.

Kelso: You could walk out of here or go out in a box. Your choice. This is what I'm good at.

Man 4: As soon as he pokes his head out, we'll step on it.

Man 3: I told you, he's around here somewhere.

Kelso: You want me? You got me.

Man 4: As soon as he pokes his head out, we'll step on it.

Kelso: That's it. Out of ammo.

Man 5: This one's got your name on it.

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