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Quick Tips: How to Relieve Back Pain from Shoveling Snow

Back pain? Invest in an ergonomic snow shovel; they're lightweight and have a contoured handle that's designed to reduce bending and decrease lifting.


Jack: The water's rising!

Man: You can walk out of here or go out in a box, your choice!

Jack: Are you okay, Princess?

Elsa: I've felt better. He saved me from the Doctor.

Jack: Hi Tex. Do you remember me?

Ira: I'm not sure that I do. Have you come here to kill her?

Jack: Why would I do that, soldier?

Ira: Isn't that why you're all here?

Jack: I'm here to get her out.

Ira: Her, but not me. You haven't come for me.

Jack: No, not you. It ends here.

Ira: You were with the Sixth on Sugar Loaf, weren't you?

Jack: I was.

Ira: And Naha...

Jack: Yes, I was.

Ira: You're Sergeant Jack Kelso, aren't you? Where's your uniform, Sarge?

Jack: At home in my locker, Hogeboom! War's over, soldier!

Ira: I know that, Sarge. I'm fighting a different kind of war. I fight for God now.

Jack: We all fight for God, Ira.

Ira: In our own ways. Not everyone knows it.

Cole: Elsa, are you all right? Get away from her.

Jack: It's all right, Cole. He doesn't want to hurt her. Ira was with us on Okinawa.

Cole: What? You know this guy?

Ira: Don't you remember me, Lieutenant? I remember you.

Cole: No, I don't.

Ira: You ordered me to burn that cave, Lieutenant. That cave full of civilians, a hospital.

Elsa: What is he talking about?

Cole: It was war. For God's sake, I can't be held responsible for everything that happened!

Ira: I don't blame you, Lieutenant. You helped me to help other people.

Jack: Ira lost his mind on Okinawa, Princess.

Cole: And Sheldon asked the Doctor to help him get it back.

Ira: The Doctor helped me to find my path and I helped him to a better life.

Jack: Elsa's going to leave now, Ira. She will be all right. You've helped her, too. Get her out of here. Biggs will help. His exit is nearby.

Cole: Jack, I need this guy to make the case.

Jack: Hasn't this poor bastard given you enough? Get out of here now.

Elsa: For God's sake, Jack! What are you going to do?

Ira: Don't cry, Miss. Sergeant Kelso has come to help ease my way. I was proud to serve with you, Jack.

Jack: Get out of here, Cole.

Man 2: What do we do, Lieutenant? Jesus, look at all the kids.

Man 3: Stop the goddamn screaming. I need to think.

Man 2: And how do you expect to do that, you fucking maniac? They're burnt to a crisp.

Man 3: Finish them off. Do it humanely. We are leaving this place.

Man 2: You do it, Phelps. Get your own fucking hands dirty, I'm out of morphine.

Man 3: Put these people out of their pain. Now, that's an order.

Man 4: Everyone out of here now. Double time. You two get Lieutenant Phelps to an aid station. Weapons team will be blowing this place in two minutes. Everything that happened in here stays in here. Do you hear me? I don't want to ever hear another word about it.

Elsa: He killed that man.

Cole: He was doing him a favor, Elsa.

Hersch: Cole, up here. I'll get this grate open.

Cole: Hurry, Hersch. The water is rising. You're first.

Hersch: Hand her up.

Jack: Get out of here!

Cole: You're next, Jack.

Jack: I'm not arguing.

Cole: You're wounded, Jack. Let me help.

Jack: What are you waiting for?

Man 5: Jump, Cole! Jump for it!

Cole: Goodbye.

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